What is Tabby Pay?

The era of anxiety from sending Ether transactions has ended. Tabby Pay is a smart contract that's built to prevent user error. If you send Ether to the wrong wallet, you can cancel the payment and your Ether will be returned.

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Send Ether

Your payment will be routed through our smart contract. We attach data to the payment which contains information about the intended recipient. Only this wallet is able to accept your payment.

Verify Recipient

After you notify the recipient of the pending payment, they will visit the site to claim it. The recipient sends data to our contract that verifies they own the receiving wallet. This process currently requires a web3 enabled wallet, though future versions will support hardware wallets and more.

Cancel Payment

If you send Ether to the wrong wallet, your intended recipient will be unable to claim their payment. But that's not a problem anymore! For the first time ever, you're able to cancel your payment. The contract returns the Ether to your wallet and you can start a new payment.

Every crypto user knows the problem.

"I shouldn't have to check two, three, four times before i'm comfortable proceeding with a transaction. Very unnerving, especially to someone new, a mistake can cost you dearly."
- Anonymous Survey

"Moving large amounts of crypto around gives me a mini panic attack everytime. I'm very tech savvy and it is a nerve wracking experience. How is the normal person supposed to get on board with this?"
- /u/bobisback

We've built the solution.

Have more questions about Tabby Pay?

We have an extensive knowledge base to answer your questions. We've provided some of the most common questions below.

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If you tried to generate a random private key that actually contained some amount of Ether, you'd need more time than what's remaining in our universe. The same principle applies here. If you mistype an address, it will not be a wallet that anybody actually owns. Therefore nobody is able to claim it, but you can still cancel it.

While we prevent user error during the sending of payments, if a scammer has convinced you to send Ether to their wallet, we cannot detect this. Only you are responsible for trusting the recipient.

Right now we only support web3 enabled Ethereum wallets, eg: MetaMask, Parity, Mist. Adding support for more wallets, such as hardware wallets, is our top priority.

We do not currently support ERC20 tokens, but we plan to in future versions.